Where to honeymoon??

Where to honeymoon??

Where to honeymoon??

Maldives has been on our radar for a couple of years now…and to be completely honest, we would have probably never consider it if it wasn’t for our honeymoon. For one it’s a liiiiittle pricier than what we like to spend on trips and two, it is REALLY, REALLY far (from Las Vegas), 38 hours far to be exact!

BUT it is our honeymoon and we’ve been dying to go! And boy was this place a little piece of heaven!!


If you’ve ever done any research on the Maldives, there are about 200 islands/resorts to choose from, ALL of which have 4.5 to 5 stars on Trip Advisor. I mean, how do you even choose where to stay?? After weeks of research, we found the perfect resort of us… Shangri La Villingili. There were several reasons why this island was perfect for us; size, vegetation, price and varied activities offered. Not to mention, this is the only island in the Maldives with a golf course. Yup, my husband was sold right then and there.

If you are looking to save money (I mean, who isn’t), May-November is considered their slow season. Rooms are typically cheaper during those months and there are fewer people on the island, giving it a very intimate and exclusive feel. And if you are looking to save even MORE money, join Shangri La’s Golden Cirlce. It’s free to join and it saves you 20% off of rooms, 25% off at restaurants and bars, and 50% off their SPA services. You’re welcome.

For our first 3 nights, we decided on Shangri La’s Water Villa. A suspended villa over crystal clear, turquoise waters was a MUST in the Maldives.  I mean, this place was a dream! We’d have coffee on the terrace and watch the sunrise (we were jet lagged and up early), snorkel right off the back of the villa and enjoy an afternoon nap on the hammock. No complains here, easy living for sure!







For our remaining 3 nights, we stayed at a Tree House Villa. I was hesitant during the booking if we would want to or feel like switching rooms during our vacay, but we’re so glad we did! Our personal villa host came and picked us up along with our luggage and made the move fast and easy! These tree house villas are located on the other side of the surf side of the island, so it was a whole new experience waking up to the crashing of the ocean waves.



As for activities on the island, there’s plenty to do or (not do) if that’s your style! We snorkeled, played tennis and golf, went scuba diving, Maldivian night fishing, tried out paddle boarding and kayaking as well. The best part of all… they give you complimentary bikes which we took EVERYWHERE!






This trip was very special to us in many ways. After our beautiful wedding, we were so excited to get away and RELAX. Don’t get me wrong weddings are great, but they are stressful to say the least! And if the excitement of our honeymoon coming up wasn’t enough, we got another surprise a couple of days before we left…


we’re adding one more to the tribe!! Onto the next adventure!!


The Hubbs and I

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