Chase Sapphire

Hi there.

In our previous blog post about Costa Rica, we mentioned that we booked some of our flights with our Chase Sapphire Reserve CC. This post is not an ad for Chase, nor are we trying to persuade anyone to open another credit card. Simply, we just want to share the perks and benefits that we get to experience traveling with Chase.

When we first signed up we’ve got 150,000 bonus points, which equates to $1,500 in travel airfare. This deal was only valid if we spent $4,000 in the first three months of opening the card. Now that is a LOT of money in a short amount of time. Luckily for us, we were moving into our new house at the time and knew we were going to be spending that kind of money on furniture and upgrades… so it worked out perfect. After the initial three months you earn 3x on travel and dining, and trust me it adds up quick!

Besides the points, we also take advantage of their TSA Pre✔® One of the most dreadful parts about traveling… yep you guessed it, those looong security lines. Come on, let’s be real. Everyone hates getting to the airport hours before a flight just to make sure you get through security on time. For our latest travel (our honeymoon) we skipped what should’ve been a 30-45 min wait and went right through. We didn’t need to take our shoes off, no laptops need to be pulled out, and belts, watches, and all your goods can stay on! I mean, come on, it’s SO easy! For frequent travelers, TSA Pre✔® is a must!!!! It costs about 80 bucks to get it and yep you guessed it, Chase pays for it.

Here’s the best part of all…access to VIP lounges all over the world. Chase pays for a Priority Pass, which grants you access to thousands of luxurious lounges in most airports. Yes. I said luxurious. I’m talking free food, free drinks, lounge chairs, Wi-Fi, showers and other amenities. We might not fly first class, but we sure do layovers like it! This part of traveling (besides the destination), quickly is becoming one our fav!

Al Maja Lounge  in Doha, Qatar.



Thanks Chase!



The Hubbs and I

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