Costa Rica


What better way to start off our first blog post than to tell you about one of our favorite trips of all-time… Costa Rica. As per typical Hubbs fashion, we had been talking and debating on where we should venture off to next. No places were off limits, no destinations were taken off the table, but there is this oneeee littttleee thing…..MONEY! Isn’t time and money the number one reason, people make excuses NOT to go travel. Not us. Not because we’re filthy rich (I wish) but because there are so many opportunities for you to save money and not spend all your life savings on one trip.

Christmas break was right around the corner, so we had the time…and now we were on a hunt for a travel deal. Having never used Groupon Getaways before, we decided to give it a shot. The key to booking online is reviews, reviews, and more REVIEWS! After a good amount of research, it was decided: we were going to Costa Rica! We ended up booking Monkey Tours for 8 days/7 nights for only $550 a person. That includes transportation to/from airport, a personal guide, breakfast and lunch, zip-lining, horse-back riding, mud baths, white river rafting and so much more. Yes, we were hesitant…this looks too good to be true, but what the heck .. ya only live once right?!

Flights are always tricky and booking around Christmas time, two weeks prior to departure is not my first recommendation. So how’d we only spend $300 per person round trip? Four words… credit card travel points. There are plenty of CC’s out there that offer incentive points for purchases, we prefer Chase Bank.

What makes this trip one of our favorites??? We love how action packed it was! And there was still plenty of time for R&R.



FullSizeRender (4)

Tabacon Hot Springs Hotel



Volcanic Mud Masks at Borinque Resort





There’s no other beaches like the ones in Costa Rica!








The Hubbs & I

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